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  • Audi klapsleutelbehuizing met 3 knoppen

    Audi folding key housing with 3 buttons

    You can use your current Audi key and electronics and put it into this key so it is like new again. 

    Often the problems with the remote control are fixed this way. 

    Comes with battery and instructions.

    This is the three-button version.

    Reprogramming is not necessary! The key housing is delivered without electronics and transponder.

    This key will replace your current folding key.

    Please check if this key is exactly the same key as you have right now.

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    Regular Price: €29.95

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €20.62 Incl. Tax: €24.95

  • Audi slotbouten 4F0071455

    Audi wheel locking bolts

    Protect your high-quality aluminium wheels with this wheel locking set of 4 locks and 4 grey caps.

    M14 x 1.5 x 27

    The anti-theft wheel bolts are supplied with a rotation ring and code key.

    Suitable for the following models:

    A3 2003 - ..
    A4 2005 - ..
    A5 2008 - ..
    A6 2005 - ..
    A7 2011 - ..
    Q2 2017 - ..
    TT 2007 - ..

    Black caps can be ordered under number 4F060117301C

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    Excl. Tax: €41.28 Incl. Tax: €49.95
2 Item(s)