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All original Opel Adam Rocks parts and accessories

Looking for the newest original Opel Adam Rocks parts and accessories? You cannot find these parts for a better price than at Original Car Parts! We offer the newest original Opel Adam Rocks accessories and spare parts for the best price and service. Here you will find roof racks, mudflaps, spoilers, scuff plates, floor mats, headlights, rear lights, sunshades and more! Do not hesitate and get inspired by the best-selling accessories for this car: Armster armrest, spoilers & bumpers, scuff plates and floor mats.    

Style your Opel Adam Rocks to your liking!

Your popular Opel Adam Rocks can be customized with our high quality spoilers, rims, bullbars, grilles and interior parts. Our tuning brands are recognized by the car manufacturers themselves so they are a real addition to your car!

Adam Rocks

30 Item(s)
  • Armrest Opel Adam Armster S 39046849

    Armrest Opel Adam Armster S

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Opel / Vauxhall Adam models! 

    The Armster™ S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage as keywords. 

    By trained specialists for each model a perfectly fitting armrest developed which ensure a good fit in your car according to the current quality and standards. 

    - Available for almost all common vehicles! 
    - Storage capability 
    - 3 year manufacturer warranty
    - Just 15 minutes to install! 
    - ISO Certificate 
    - Usable for driver and passenger 
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG! 
    - Made in the EU

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €81.82 Incl. Tax: €99.00
  • Irmscher-Adam-verlagingsveren-i1303001

    Irmscher Adam lowering springs

    Lowering up to 30mm (depending on the vehicle design)
    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €205.79 Incl. Tax: €249.01
  • Irmscher-Adam-vloermatten-i1317080

    Irmscher Adam floor mats LHD 4-pieces

    Velours with real leather in Irmscher-Design (LHD)
    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €68.26 Incl. Tax: €82.59
  • opel-adam-cascada-corsa-ashtray-13394500

    Opel Adam / Cascada / Corsa E ashtray

    Beautiful ashtray for Opel Adam, Opel Corsa E and Opel Cascada.

    The ashtray is easy to install and to empty.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €27.50 Incl. Tax: €33.28
  • opel-carbon-interior-filter-13345949

    Opel Adam / Corsa D / Combo D carbon cabin air filter

    Suitable for the Opel Adam and Corsa D.

    This pollen filter with additional activated carbon cleans contaminated air and reduces odors due to their catalytic effect.

    Protects oCupants from headaches and nausea. This filter is very suitable for asthma and allergy patients.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €32.73 Incl. Tax: €39.60
  • opel-adam-corsa-d-corsa-e-wieldop-16-zilver-13211892

    Opel Adam / Corsa D / Corsa E wheel cover 16" silver

    Genuine Opel wheel cover.

    Easy to assemble.

    By placing this genuine wheel covers your car looks a lot neater than dark steel rims.

    They give your Opel optical improvement!

    Sold per piece

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €28.88 Incl. Tax: €34.94
  • We deliver everything as soon as possible to your home!

  • opel-center-cap-black-13305174

    Opel Adam / Corsa D hub cap black

    This is an original black Opel hub cap for 4-hole rims.

    If you want to replace your current hubcap, you can look inside your current hub cap and take a look to the numbers that are inside. This hub cap is replaceable if your current hub cap contains the following number.

    13 153 232 LP
    13 153 234 LS

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €13.18 Incl. Tax: €15.95
  • opel-adam-cargo-liner-13369147

    Opel Adam cargo liner

    Original Opel Adam cargo liner with anti-slip coating.

    This cargo liner is the ideal protection against dirt and moisture in your Opel Adam.

    Tailor-made for the whole cargo.

    Our price

    Regular Price: €60.19

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €44.76 Incl. Tax: €54.16

  • opel-adam-window-cover-13397698

    Opel Adam cover

    This is a original Opel Adam cover that is tailor made for your Opel Adam.

    Door This hoes te plaatsen in the herft and wintermaanden bespaar je a hoop tijd uit om the front window van je Adam te krabben.

    These hoes is a echte eyecatcher with the tekst ADAM erop!

    The hoes is easy te plaatsen, waterdicht and heeft a ademende werking.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €161.16 Incl. Tax: €195.00
  • opel-adam-fendoffs-13379778

    Opel Adam door protectors

    This is a complete set Opel Adam trims of 4 pieces.

    These trims give your Opel Adam an extra accent and protects your Adam against damage on your doors caused by opening doors by other cars.

    These trims comes in primer, but you can also paint them in the colour of your Opel Adam of even give them more accents to paint them in another colour!

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €120.00 Incl. Tax: €145.20
  • opel-adam-floor-mats-rubber-13377451

    Opel Adam floor mats rubber

    These are original rubber floor mats special tailor-made for the Opel Adam.

    This is a practical solution to protect the floor of your Opel Adam during the winter- and autumn months.

    These rubber floor mats protects against rain, mudd and dirt.

    Comes with the emblem of the Opel Adam.

    Easy to fix with the Opel standard fixing system.

    Set of 4 rubber floor mats.

    Colour; black

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €39.00 Incl. Tax: €47.19
  • opel-adam-floor-mats-velors

    Opel Adam floor mats velours

    These floor mats are special tailor-made.

    Set of 4 floor mats.

    Drivers mat had a reinforced heel piece.

    Black velours
    Fixing on the original attachment points
    Anti-slip bottom for more safety

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €23.10 Incl. Tax: €27.95
  • Opel Adam spiegelkappen carbon-look 13392144

    Opel Adam mirror caps carbon-look

    Set of two mirror caps in carbon look.

    These caps are placed over the existing mirror covers and are glued with double-sided tape that is already on the mirror covers.

    Our price

    Regular Price: €114.03

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €76.57 Incl. Tax: €92.65

  • opel-adam-roof-base-carriers-aluminium-13365633

    Opel Adam roof base carrier aluminium

    Suitable for the Opel Adam.

    • Easy to install without special tools.
    • Fits with all genuine Opel carrier systems like roof boxes, skies, surfboards of bike carriers.
    • Maximum load for the Opel Adam is 50 kg (includind the roof bars itself)
    • These Opel Adam roof base carriers are lockable.
    • Set of 2 pieces!

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €145.04 Incl. Tax: €175.50
  • opel-adam-s-roof-spoiler-13473406

    Opel Adam S roof spoiler

    This original Opel Adam S roof spoiler comes in primer and fits all Opel Adam models without spoiler.

    The Opel Adam S roof spoiler exists of two parts.

    This is an original Opel Adam S spoiler so is made of high quality ABS!

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €437.19 Incl. Tax: €529.00
  • opel-adam-sun-blinds-95515382

    Opel Adam sun blindes for rear side windows and rear window

    These sunshades for the Opel Adam are custom made.

    These sunshades for the Opel Adam consist of four pieces.

    • By Clip-easy system the sunshades are easy to install and easy to disassemble.
    • Protects you from blinding headlights and sunlight from the rear.
    • Since the rear windows will have a deep effect protecting them well against theft!
    • Helps reduce the heat of the sun
    • Protects children and dogs against UV radiation from the sun.
    • Keep about 70% of the sunlight
    • Assembly time: 2 min.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €114.92 Incl. Tax: €139.05
  • opel-adam-window-cover-13399921

    Opel Adam windscreen cover

    This is a original Opel Adam cover for the front window.

    By placing this cover in the autumn and winter months you save a lot of time to clean the front window of your Adam.

    These cover is a real eyecatcher with the text ADAM on it!

    The cover is easy to install, waterproof and has a breathable effect.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €39.91 Incl. Tax: €48.29
  • 12671616 Opel air flow sensor

    Opel air flow sensor

    OEM nummer 13301682
    BOSCH nummer 0280218254

    Geschikt voor de volgende modellen;

    Adam 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER, B14XEL,B14XER) ZONDER START/STOP

    Ampera A14XLF met vergroot bereik

    Astra J 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL, A14XER, A14NET, A14NEL, B14NEL, B14NET)
    Astra J 1.6 benzine-motoren (A16XER, A16LET, B16XER)
    Astra J 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Astra K 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTE,B16DTH,B16DTU)

    Cascada 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH)

    Corsa D 1.0 benzine-motoren (A10XEP) 
    Corsa D 1.2
    benzine-motoren (A12XEL,A12XER)
    Corsa D 1.4
    benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER)

    Corsa E 1.2
    benzine-motoren (B12XEL)
    Corsa E 1.4
    benzine-motoren (B14XEL,B14XEJ)
    Corsa E 1.6
    benzine-motoren (B16LES)
    Corsa E 1.6
    diesel-motoren (B13DTC,B13GTE,B13DTR)

    B 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XER,B14XER)

    Mokka 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14NEL,A14NET,B14NEL,B14NET)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XEL,A18XER)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTH,B16DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH,B20DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 lpg-motoren (A16XNT)

    U dient bij de Corsa D het verloopstuk onder artnr 13307079 erbij te bestellen om deze luchtmassameter aan te sluiten.

    Mocht u er niet zeker van zijn dat deze luchtmassameter geschikt is voor uw auto, neem dan contact met ons op via e-mail en stuur het kenteken en/of chassisnummer mee zodat wij u kunnen adviseren.

    Verkeerd bestelde luchtmassameters nemen wij niet terug.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €125.21 Incl. Tax: €151.50
  • opel-doppen-for-de-wheel-nuts-black-27-mm-high-92083315

    Opel caps for the wheel nuts black 22 mm high

    These caps are sold per piece. 

    22 mm high.

    Suitable for the following models:

    Agila A
    Astra F
    Astra G
    Astra H
    Corsa A
    Corsa C
    Corsa D
    Corsa E
    Meriva A
    Meriva B
    Omega A
    Tigra B
    Vectra C
    Zafira A
    Zafira B

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €1.95 Incl. Tax: €2.36
  • opel-center-caps-set-13153232

    Opel hub caps

    Set contains 4 hub caps for genuine Opel wheels.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €51.30 Incl. Tax: €62.07
  • opel-motorsport-scuff-plates-13448292

    Opel Motorsport scuff plates long

    Original Opel Motorsport scuff plates.

    Stylish entry is done with these beautiful and easy to install scuff plates. It makes your Astra or Corsa even sportier while protecting against scratches. < br/>

    • Shiny black with a smooth finish.
    • With Opel Motorsport lettering.
    • Set of 2 (left and right)
    • Replaces the existing scuff plates (if present)
      Set consists of two matte colored aluminum scuff plates. < br />
      The Opel Motorsport scuff plates are glued to the sill through the adhesive strip at the bottom of the scuff plates.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €109.00 Incl. Tax: €131.89
  • opel-scuff-plates-long-13349242

    Opel scuff plates long plastic

    Original Opel scuff plates for the Opel Adam, Astra J GTC and Opel Cascada.

    This is a set of two original synthetic Opel scuff plates.

    The Opel scuff plates are taped to the sill by the tape underneath the scuff plate.

    The Opel scuff plates gives your car a luxurious appearance but also protection against scratches on your car.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €70.25 Incl. Tax: €85.00
  • opel-scuff-plates-led-iluminated-13473242

    Opel scuff plates set LED-iluminated

    Create an impressive entrance with these easy-to-install LED scuff plates.

    They provide an attractive accent to the door sills of your vehicle while protecting them from scratches.

    Aluminium look with illuminated Opel lettering.

    LED light activation by magnet that need to be fixed to the lower door edge.

    Easy fixation with self-adeshive mounting pads

    Set of two scuff plates for the front doors.

    Our price

    Regular Price: €154.53

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €113.28 Incl. Tax: €137.07

  • Opel / Vauxhall TMPS 13581561

    Opel TMPS

    This is an original General Motors TPMS sensor for the rims to check the tire pressure.

    Suitable for various Opel and Vauxhall models.


    Spark 2015 - .


    Corsa E
    Meriva B
    Mokka X

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €49.55 Incl. Tax: €59.96
  • 95599174 Opel lakstift Z190 (ASTEROID GREY, PHANTOM GREY, THE GREYFATHER)


    This is an original Opel touch-up pen with color code Z190.

    Comes with a touch-up pen varnish.


    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €8.22 Incl. Tax: €9.95
  • Opel bandenhoezen voor velgen 14" tot 18" 95599242

    Opel tyre bag for wheels 14" up to 18"

    Durable and adjustable individual tyre bags to help protect your tyres and wheels when removed from your vehicle.

    Ideal for safe storage of winter wheels or summer wheels.

    For tyre sizes from 14" to 18" and 245mm wide and up to 2100mm circumference.

    Heavy duty polyester construction with velcro fastening.

    Each bag includes integral carrying handle and pocket for safe storage of wheel bolts.

    Indicator on each bag to show tyre location on vehicle to help replace in the same position.

    Protects your clothes and cargo area carpet from dirt from removed tyres/wheels.

    Can be used for tyres and tyres & rims.

    Suitable for all common tyre storing devices.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €27.29 Incl. Tax: €33.02
  • 13598773 Opel TMPS sensor

    Opel tyre pressure sensor (TPMS) 433MHZ

    This is an original Opel TPMS sensor for the rims to check the tire pressure.

    Suitable for the following Opel models:

    Ampera 2012 - 2015
    Astra J
    Corsa D
    Corsa E
    Insignia A
    Zafira B
    Zafira Tourer

    Send the chassis number / VIN number as a precaution during the order.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €41.28 Incl. Tax: €49.95
  • 13377269 Opel ventieldopjes

    Opel valve caps with logo

    Set of 4 genuine Opel valve caps.
    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €18.97 Incl. Tax: €22.95
  • opel-center-caps-silver-with-opel-logo-53-5-mm-13276164

    Opel wheel hub caps charcoal with Opel logo 53,5 mm

    Set contains 4 Opel hub caps for genuine Opel wheels.

    Color: charcoal

    Size: 53,5 mm

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €48.76 Incl. Tax: €59.00
  • opel-anti-wheel-locking-bolts-9162914

    Opel wheel locking bolts

    Set of 4 wheel locking bolts and a key.

    These wheel locking bolts makes it more diffucult for thieves to steel your alloy wheels!

    Sutable for the following models:

    Opel Adam
    Opel Agila B
    Opel Astra G
    Opel Astra H
    Opel Corsa C
    Opel Corsa D
    Opel Corsa E
    Opel Meriva A
    Opel Meriva B
    Opel Omega B
    Opel Signum
    Opel Tigra TwinTop
    Opel Vectra B
    Opel Vectra C
    Opel Zafira A
    Opel Zafira B

    Our price

    Regular Price: €54.45

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €39.95 Incl. Tax: €48.34

30 Item(s)

Original Car Parts

Original parts for your Opel Adam Rocks

Let your Opel Adam Rocks keep rocking and buy the newest original parts at Original Car Parts to maintain your car. Quality and service are our priority. If you have a question about one of our products or an order, please feel free to contact us. We will always provide you with advice and gladly answer all your questions. Original Car Parts is a young and dynamic company that is constantly developing. We regularly change to provide an even better service. Thanks to your feedback and tips, we are improving to provide you with even better service!