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All original Opel Corsa E OPC parts and accessories

The Opel Corsa E is the newest Corsa model of Opel and is available since 2015. However, you can decide how your Opel Corsa E OPC looks like. With the original parts and accessories that Original Car Parts offers, it is possible to give you Opel Corsa E OPC an upgrade. Would you like to give your Corsa E a sportier appearance? Besides having original Opel parts, we also offer original Opel OPC-line accessories. To complete it, Original Car Parts delivers logos and grills from these brands that matches your Opel. Get inspired by the best-selling accessories for this car: Armster armrestspoilers & bumpersfloor mats and scuff plates.    

Style your Opel Corsa E OPC to your liking!

Your popular Opel Corsa E OPC can be customized with our high quality spoilers, rims, bullbars, grilles and interior parts. Our tuning brands are recognized by the car manufacturers themselves so they are a real addition to your car!


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  • armsteun-opel-corsa-e-armster-s-zwart-39046848

    Armrest Opel Corsa E Armster S black

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Opel Corsa E models.

    The Armster™ S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage as keywords.

    By trained specialists for each model a perfectly fitting armrest developed which ensure a good fit in your car aCording to the current quality and standards.

    - Available for almost all common vehicles!
    - Storage capability
    - 3 year manufacturer warranty
    - Just 15 minutes to install!
    - ISO Certificate
    - Usable for driver and passenger
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG!
    - Made in the EU

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    Excl. Tax: €81.82 Incl. Tax: €99.00
  • 13234613 Opel asbak

    Opel ashtray

    This original ashtray is black and has a chrome trim.

    This ashtray is suitable for the following models:

    Astra J
    Corsa D
    Corsa E
    Meriva A
    Meriva B
    Vivaro B
    Zafira Tourer

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    Excl. Tax: €16.49 Incl. Tax: €19.95
  • 13453560 Opel Corsa E vloermatten OPC

    Opel Corsa E OPC floor mats

    This black, high quality floor mat set consists of 4 floor mats and are made with an OPC logo on it.

    Suitable for the Opel Corsa E 3- and 5-drs versions!

    Color: Black

    Not for UK and other right hand driving countries!

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    Excl. Tax: €57.81 Incl. Tax: €69.95
  • Opel Corsa E OPC dakspoiler 13448134

    Opel Corsa E OPC roof spoiler

    This spoiler will be delivered in primer and is only suitable for the Opel Corsa 3-drs variant of Corsa D and E.

    The spoiler will be glued to the tailgate.

    Therefore, we recommend that you to order this 1504815 glue kit with this spoiler.

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    Excl. Tax: €288.43 Incl. Tax: €349.00
  • Opel OPC cylinder head cover (Z16LEL / Z16LER / A16LEL / A16LER / A16LES / B16LER / B16LES)

    Opel OPC cylinder head cover (Z16LEL / Z16LER / A16LEL / A16LER / A16LES / B16LER / B16LES)

    Original OPC cylinder head cover for the Corsa D OPC and the Meriva OPC.

    Also suitable for the Z16LET, Z16LEL, Z16LER, Z18XER, Z16XEP, Z16XE1 and the Z16XER engines of the Astra H, Vectra C, Signum and Zafira B.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €29.37 Incl. Tax: €35.54
  • opel-opc-instaplijst-lang-13225450

    Opel OPC scuff plates long

    This is an original Opel OPC scuff plate for the left or right side and is sold individually. The Opel OPC scuff plate is simply glued to the sill by the adhesive strip on the bottom of the scuff plate. The Opel OPC scuff plate gives your Opel a luxurious look and at the same time offers protection against scratches on your car.

    Lenght: 70 cm
    Width: 3.5 cm

    Our price

    Regular Price: €64.49

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €42.93 Incl. Tax: €51.95

  • We deliver everything as soon as possible to your home!

  • Opel / Vauxhall TMPS 13581561

    Opel TMPS

    This is an original General Motors TPMS sensor for the rims to check the tire pressure.

    Suitable for various Opel and Vauxhall models.


    Spark 2015 - .


    Corsa E
    Meriva B
    Mokka X

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €49.55 Incl. Tax: €59.96
  • 13598773 Opel TMPS sensor

    Opel tyre pressure sensor (TPMS) 433MHZ

    This is an original Opel TPMS sensor for the rims to check the tire pressure.

    Suitable for the following Opel models:

    Ampera 2012 - 2015
    Astra J
    Corsa D
    Corsa E
    Insignia A
    Zafira B
    Zafira Tourer

    Send the chassis number / VIN number as a precaution during the order.

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    Excl. Tax: €41.28 Incl. Tax: €49.95
  • 13377269 Opel ventieldopjes

    Opel valve caps with logo

    Set of 4 genuine Opel valve caps.
    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €18.97 Incl. Tax: €22.95
  • vauxhall-vxr-instaplijsten-lang-13226715

    Vauxhall VXR scuff plates long

    Worden per stuk verkocht

    Lengte = 70 cm
    Breedte = 3,5cm

    Voor links en rechts te gebruiken.

    Wordt geplakt op de dorpellijst door de plakstrip aan de onderzijde van de instaplijst.

    Our price
    Excl. Tax: €33.57 Incl. Tax: €40.62
10 Item(s)

Original Car Parts

All original parts and accessories on one platform

As icing on the cake, our collection also provides parts of Irmscher, Lexmaul and Steinmetz. These brands make both styling products and tuning products for Opel. This will give your Opel a more sporty appearance, but you can also optimize and increase the power of your engine. Do not hesitate and check out our offer online!