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  • suzuki-swift-armster-2-armrest-black

    Armrest Suzuki Swift 2017 - .. Armster 2 black

    This Armster 2 armrest is suitable for all Suzuki Swift models from 2017 and onwards!

    The color of the Armster 2 armrest for the Suzuki Swift is black.

    The Armster 2 armrest has an integrated removable belt bag.

    The metal mechanism inside increased capacity and improved durability.

    Improved features

    3 year warranty from manufacturer Armster.

    The removable waist bag is a novelty in the armrests. Keep your papers, wallet and phone in the removable waist bag, and when you need it, you take this waist belt it and click it to your belt!

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1 Item(s)