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  • armrest-suzuki-vitara-2015-armster-2-black

    Armrest Suzuki Vitara 2015 and onwards Armster 2 black

    This Armster 2 armrest is suitable for all Suzuki Vitara modells from 2015 and onwards!

    The color of the Armster 2 armrest for the Suzuki Vitara is black.

    The Armster 2 armrest has an integrated removable belt bag.

    The metal mechanism inside increased capacity and improved durability.

    Improved features

    3 year warranty from manufacturer Armster.

    The removable waist bag is a novelty in the armrests. Keep your papers, wallet and phone in the removable waist bag, and when you need it, you take this waist belt it and click it to your belt!

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  • armrest-suzuki-vitara-2015-armster-s

    Armrest Suzuki Vitara 2015 and onwards Armster S

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Suzuki Vitara modells from 2015!

    The Armster™ S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage as keywords.

    By trained specialists for each model a perfectly fitting armrest developed which ensure a good fit in your car according to the current quality and standards.

    - Available for almost all common vehicles! 
    - Storage capability 
    - 3 year manufacturer warranty
    - Just 15 minutes to install! 
    - ISO Certificate 
    - Usable for driver and passenger 
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG! 
    - Made in the EU

    Watch the video of this Armster S armrest here.

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  • 088358 Valeo mistlampen

    Valeo fog light

    Valeo fog lamp suitable for different cars like for example the Opel OPC bumpers.

    This fog lamp comes with light.

    This fog light comes standard with an OPC bumper if you order a bumper from us. We advise you to order part number 9270158 as well. These are the gradient cables for the fog lights.

    These are also the original fog lamps of the following models;

    Dacia Logan
    Dacia Solenza

    Ford Fiesta from year 2008 up to 2011
    Ford Fusion
    Ford Focus ST from year 2006 up to 2011
    Ford Focus cabrio from year 2006 up to 2011
    Ford Tourneo Connect from year 2006 up to 2013
    Ford Transit from year 2006 up to 2013

    Jaguar S-Type from year 2003
    Jaguar XK8 from year 2006
    Jaguar X-type from year 2004

    Nissan Capstar from year 2006
    Nissan Elgrand from year 2005
    Nissan Navarra from year 2005
    Nissan Pathfinder / Frontier from year 2005
    Nissan Safari from year 2004
    Nissan Terrano III from year 2005
    Nissan X-Terra from year 2004

    Opel Astra G OPC
    Opel Astra G station OPC
    Opel Astra H OPC
    Opel Meriva A OPC
    Opel Tigra TwinTop
    Opel Vectra C OPC
    Opel Vectra C Station OPC
    Opel Tigra TwinTop

    Renault Laguna II from year 2005
    Renault Mégane II from year 2002
    Renault Scenic II from year 2003
    Renault Twingo II from year 2007

    Suzuki Aerio from year 2005
    Suzuki Alto from year 2005
    Suzuki Escudo from year 2005
    Suzuki Grand Vitara from year 2005
    Suzuki Ignis from year 2005
    Suzuki Jimny from year 2005
    Suzuki Lapin from year 2005
    Suzuki Swift II from year 2005

    Toyota Aygo from year 2005 up to 2015

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3 Item(s)