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All original Opel Vivaro VPC parts and accessories

For every courier in a rush: the Opel Vivaro VPC. This Opel Vivaro model has already a very sporty appearance, but would you like to give your Vivaro VPC more extras? With the parts and accessories from Original Car Parts, you can transform your Opel Vivaro VPC however you like. The complete VPC assortment for your Vivaro consists of high quality body components. Get inspired by the best-selling items under this car: front bumper, roof spoiler, sport exhausts and grilles.   

Everything for your Opel Vivaro VPC!

Maintain your car with original parts and accessories so you will keep your Opel Vivaro VPC as new or even better! Therefore, at Original Car Parts you will find all the original parts and accessories of the highest quality that will always have the perfect fit. Use only the best for your Opel Vivaro VPC!

Vivaro VPC

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  • opel-coolant-93170402

    Opel coolant 5 liter Dex-Cool

    Dex-Cool LongLife

    Specifications : 5L coolant = Till -38°C

    Our price

    Regular Price: €92.25

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €58.06 Incl. Tax: €70.25

  • opel-engine-oil-5w-30-dexos2-1-liter-93165554

    Opel motor oil 5W-30 Dexos2 1 liter

    High-quality synthetic long life engine oil.

    Suitable for newer types of gasoline and diesel engines

    Specifications: ACEA C3; API SM/CF

    Same specifications as:

    • GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025
    • BMW Longlife-04
    • VW 502 00, 505 00, 505 01
    • MB 229.51
    Our price

    Regular Price: €42.20

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €26.43 Incl. Tax: €31.98

  • Opel bandenhoezen voor velgen 14" tot 18" 95599242

    Opel tyre bag for wheels 14" up to 18"

    Set of 4 durable and adjustable individual tyre bags to help protect your tyres and wheels when removed from your vehicle.

    Ideal for safe storage of winter wheels or summer wheels.

    For tyre sizes from 14" to 18" and 245mm wide and up to 2100mm circumference.

    Heavy duty polyester construction with velcro fastening.

    Each bag includes integral carrying handle and pocket for safe storage of wheel bolts.

    Indicator on each bag to show tyre location on vehicle to help replace in the same position.

    Protects your clothes and cargo area carpet from dirt from removed tyres/wheels.

    Can be used for tyres and tyres & rims.

    Suitable for all common tyre storing devices.

    Our price

    Regular Price: €44.27

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €35.16 Incl. Tax: €42.54

  • opel-vivaro-vpc-roof-spoiler-NLPRA099

    Opel Vivaro VPC 2001 - 2014 rear doors spoiler

    Only a few left. So be quick!

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    Regular Price: €269.00

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €189.26 Incl. Tax: €229.00

4 Item(s)

Original Car Parts

A comfortable ride with our multi media for your Vivaro VPC

Never again the wrong turn with a navigation system or never a boring ride with the best sound system? Multimedia in the car makes driving in your car even more fun! Nowadays everyone is able to multiply better, but behind the wheel it is not wise and also very dangerous. With a car kit, you can safely make a call in the car and you avoid penalties. Usually, the car kit connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but there are also car kits that you can control with your voice. This way you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Are you looking for other accessories, such as spoilers, bumpers, engine parts, scuff plates, highest quality oil, wheels or rims? Original Car Parts offers all the products that will keep your car in top condition. Only the highest quality of maintenance products for your car can be found in our webshop. Of course, as you are used to from Original Car Parts, these are all original products. This will keep your car as new!