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  • kia-soul-armster-2-armrest-grey

    Armrest Kia Soul 2009 - 2014 Armster 2 black/grey

    This Armster 2 armrest is suitable for all Kia Soul 2009 - 2014 models!

    The color of the Armster 2 armrest for the Kia Soul is black/grey.

    The Armster 2 armrest has an integrated removable belt bag.

    The metal mechanism inside increased capacity and improved durability.

    Improved features

    3 year warranty from manufacturer Armster.

    The removable waist bag is a novelty in the armrests. Keep your papers, wallet and phone in the removable waist bag, and when you need it, you take this waist belt it and click it to your belt!

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  • 52933B2100 Hyundai i10 (2017 - ..) / Kia Soul (2018 - ..) TPMS - Tyre Pressure monitoring System

    Hyundai i10 (2017 - ..) / Kia Soul (2018 - ..) TPMS - Tyre Pressure monitoring System

    TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    one sensor

    Maximize road holding economy�and emissions by enabling the�standard vehicle TPMS system�with your accessory wheels.

    Fitting Time: 0.

    60 hour

    Part Number: 52933B2100

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  • kia-soul-armster-2-zwart-armsteun-V00283-5998196002838

    Kia Soul Armster 2 black LHD armrest

    The Armster armrest is ideal for long rides in your Kia Soul!

    Are you always looking for a suitable place in the car for your wallet, keys, phone, or coins? The Armster 2™ offers the right solution and is also suitable for your Kia Soul! The armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfortable leather finish on top, easy to adjust due to the 90-degree tilt of space and enough storage space to keep your car clutter free.

    In addition to that, Armster 2 armrest allows you to store your personal belongings in the armrest and in the extra portable pocket. The PORTABLE POCKET is an extra innovative feature of the armrests. Keep your driver license, wallet or cell phone in the portable pocket, clip to your belt and take it with you.

    Armster 2 is available in the color black and has a high-gloss piano lacquer trim with a beautiful leather finish on top. The Armster armrest feels strong and is a real upgrade to your car!

    Trained specialists of Armster ensured that the armrests for each model are perfectly matched and therefore ensures a good fit. All Armster ™ armrest meets the highest quality requirements and standards:

    - Storage possibility
    - 3 years warranty
    - Install in just 15 minutes
    - TUV/ISO certified
    - Suitable for driver and front passenger
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG
    - Height adjustment in 4 positions
    - Push forward padding on the top
    - Turning up between seats
    - Practical storage room includes penholder, coin holder and a shopping trolley coin
    - Made in Europe

    A very comfortable and practical addition to your car!

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3 Item(s)