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  • Armrest Opel Adam Armster S 39046849

    Armrest Opel Adam Armster S

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Opel / Vauxhall Adam models! 

    The Armster™ S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage as keywords. 

    By trained specialists for each model a perfectly fitting armrest developed which ensure a good fit in your car according to the current quality and standards. 

    - Available for almost all common vehicles! 
    - Storage capability 
    - 3 year manufacturer warranty
    - Just 15 minutes to install! 
    - ISO Certificate 
    - Usable for driver and passenger 
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG! 
    - Made in the EU

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    Special Price Excl. Tax: €57.02 Incl. Tax: €68.99

  • Opel Adam spiegelkappen carbon-look 13392144

    Opel Adam mirror caps carbon-look

    Set of two mirror caps in carbon look.

    These caps are placed over the existing mirror covers and are glued with double-sided tape that is already on the mirror covers.

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  • 12671616 Opel air flow sensor

    Opel air flow sensor

    OEM nummer 13301682
    BOSCH nummer 0280218254

    Geschikt voor de volgende modellen;

    Adam 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER, B14XEL,B14XER) ZONDER START/STOP

    Ampera A14XLF met vergroot bereik

    Astra J 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL, A14XER, A14NET, A14NEL, B14NEL, B14NET)
    Astra J 1.6 benzine-motoren (A16XER, A16LET, B16XER)
    Astra J 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Astra K 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTE,B16DTH,B16DTU)

    Cascada 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH)

    Corsa D 1.0 benzine-motoren (A10XEP) 
    Corsa D 1.2
    benzine-motoren (A12XEL,A12XER)
    Corsa D 1.4
    benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER)

    Corsa E 1.2
    benzine-motoren (B12XEL)
    Corsa E 1.4
    benzine-motoren (B14XEL,B14XEJ)
    Corsa E 1.6
    benzine-motoren (B16LES)
    Corsa E 1.6
    diesel-motoren (B13DTC,B13GTE,B13DTR)

    B 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XER,B14XER)

    Mokka 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14NEL,A14NET,B14NEL,B14NET)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XEL,A18XER)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTH,B16DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH,B20DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 lpg-motoren (A16XNT)

    U dient bij de Corsa D het verloopstuk onder artnr 13307079 erbij te bestellen om deze luchtmassameter aan te sluiten.

    Mocht u er niet zeker van zijn dat deze luchtmassameter geschikt is voor uw auto, neem dan contact met ons op via e-mail en stuur het kenteken en/of chassisnummer mee zodat wij u kunnen adviseren.

    Verkeerd bestelde luchtmassameters nemen wij niet terug.

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  • opel-center-caps-27mm-darkgrey-13450276

    Opel caps for the wheel nuts dark gray 21 mm high

    The caps are sold individually.

    These dark gray Opel caps for the wheel nuts are 21 mm high and inside is 20mm diameter.

    Suitable for the Opel Adam and Corsa E.

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    Excl. Tax: €1.81 Incl. Tax: €2.19
  • Vauxhall Adam interior trim kit Fly Black Autumn Leaves 13446949

    Vauxhall Adam interior trim kit Fly Black Autumn Leaves

    ADAM is all about individuality and tastes can change over the lifetime of the car. These paint applications change the interior ambience.

    • Kit consists of 2 parts for lower instrument panel and 2 door trim inserts
    • Pattern: Fly Black (Autumn Leaves)
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    Regular Price: €180.70

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €51.25 Incl. Tax: €62.01

  • vauxhall-center-caps-anthracite-13276165

    Vauxhall center caps charcoal with Vauxhall logo 53,5 mm

    Set of 4 hub covers for the Vauxhall Astra J wheels with size 5x105.

    Colour: charcoal

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    Excl. Tax: €49.55 Incl. Tax: €59.96
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6 Item(s)