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  • A000890029364 Mercedes Benz fietsendrager voor dakdragers

    Mercedes Benz bike carrier for roof base carriers

    Having an active life has benefits which are simply priceless. You feel more energetic throughout the day, you become more confident about yourself, your body and mind become stronger… Mercedes Benz strives to bring you closer to all your goals in life, so it was only natural that it would design the latest product we proud to offer: the bicycle rack which you can easily find through the A0008900293 reference code.

    In short, this lightweight rack is designed to be attached to the car's original roof rails and provides a simple, yet reliable way for you to take up to two bicycles wherever you go. Since it comes in silver with black accents, you can rest assured that it will not disrupt the original appearance of your Mercedes Benz – on the contrary, it will give your car a whole new outdoorsy look even if it belongs to the urban or performance model lines.

    When it comes to installation, all we need is for you to make sure that your car is already equipped with roof rails. Once that issue is addressed, you can install the genuine bicycle rack by yourself if you want, since it has a plug & play system. Then, you will be free to enjoy countless adventures with your Mercedes Benz car and your bicycle.

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  • opel-engine-oil-5w-30-dexos2-1-liter-93165554

    Opel motor oil 5W-30 Dexos2 1 liter

    High-quality synthetic long life engine oil.

    Suitable for newer types of gasoline and diesel engines

    Specifications: ACEA C3; API SM/CF

    Same specifications as:

    • GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025
    • BMW Longlife-04
    • VW 502 00, 505 00, 505 01
    • MB 229.51
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2 Item(s)