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All original Opel Ampera parts and accessories

The Opel Ampera is a very special car and is almost identical to the Chevrolet Volt. Therefore, the honor is not entirely on Opel, but to Chevrolet, the American sister brand.  In addition to an electric motor he has a so-called 'range extender'. Are you driving in a fantastic Opel Ampera, but you are looking for an original part to replace? We offer all original parts and accessories your car needs. The best-selling items for your car are: scuff plates, floor mats and sun shades.

The webshop for all original Opel Ampera parts and accessories!

Maintain your car with original parts and accessories so you will keep your Opel Ampera as new or even better! Therefore, at Original Car Parts you will find all the original parts and accessories of the highest quality that will always have the perfect fit. Use only the best for your Opel Ampera!



Ampera (2011 - 2015)

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  • 1623561780 Opel aansluiting adapter 13-weg naar 7/13-way voor trekhaak

    Opel socket adapter 13-way into 7/13-way for towing harness

    This adapter transforms a 13-channel female base socket into a 7/13 channel socket.

    This adapter enables you to fit certain types of tow hitches on vehicles whose initial configuration does not allow for this.


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    Regular Price: €42.18

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €32.63 Incl. Tax: €39.48

  • 12671616 Opel air flow sensor

    Opel air flow sensor

    OEM nummer 13301682
    BOSCH nummer 0280218254

    Geschikt voor de volgende modellen;

    Adam 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER, B14XEL,B14XER) ZONDER START/STOP

    Ampera A14XLF met vergroot bereik

    Astra J 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XEL, A14XER, A14NET, A14NEL, B14NEL, B14NET)
    Astra J 1.6 benzine-motoren (A16XER, A16LET, B16XER)
    Astra J 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Astra K 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTE,B16DTH,B16DTU)

    Cascada 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH)

    Corsa D 1.0 benzine-motoren (A10XEP) 
    Corsa D 1.2
    benzine-motoren (A12XEL,A12XER)
    Corsa D 1.4
    benzine-motoren (A14XEL,A14XER)

    Corsa E 1.2
    benzine-motoren (B12XEL)
    Corsa E 1.4
    benzine-motoren (B14XEL,B14XEJ)
    Corsa E 1.6
    benzine-motoren (B16LES)
    Corsa E 1.6
    diesel-motoren (B13DTC,B13GTE,B13DTR)

    B 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14XER,B14XER)

    Mokka 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XER)

    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.4 benzine-motoren (A14NEL,A14NET,B14NEL,B14NET)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.8 benzine-motoren (A18XEL,A18XER)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 diesel-motoren (B16DTH,B16DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 2.0 diesel-motoren (B20DTH,B20DTJ)
    Zafira Sport Tourer 1.6 lpg-motoren (A16XNT)

    U dient bij de Corsa D het verloopstuk onder artnr 13307079 erbij te bestellen om deze luchtmassameter aan te sluiten.

    Mocht u er niet zeker van zijn dat deze luchtmassameter geschikt is voor uw auto, neem dan contact met ons op via e-mail en stuur het kenteken en/of chassisnummer mee zodat wij u kunnen adviseren.

    Verkeerd bestelde luchtmassameters nemen wij niet terug.

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    Special Price Excl. Tax: €188.88 Incl. Tax: €228.54

  • Opel Astra J / Cascada folding key housing

    Opel Ampera 2011 - 2015 folding key housing

    You can use your current Opel folding key and electronics and put it into this key so it is like new again.

    Often the problems with the remote control are fixed this way.

    Suitable for Opel Ampera 2011 - 2015.

    Comes with battery CR2032.

    This is the five-button version.

    Reprogramming is not necessary! The key housing is delivered without electronics and transponder.

    This key will replace your current folding key.

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    Excl. Tax: €16.49 Incl. Tax: €19.95
  • opel-Ampera-sun-blind-rear-doors-95514250

    Opel Ampera sun blinds rear doors

    These sunblinds are special tailor-made for the Opel Ampera.
    The sunblinds are easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the Clip-easy system in your Opel Ampera.
    Protects you from blinding headlights and sunlight of the rear.
    Because the rear windows will have a dark effect, they protect well against thef!
    Helps against the heat of the sun
    The windows can be opened when the sunblinds are mounted.

    Protects children and dogs from the UV radiation of the sun.
    Mounting time: 2 min.

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    Regular Price: €148.38

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €114.84 Incl. Tax: €138.96

  • 13234613 Opel asbak

    Opel ashtray

    This original ashtray is black and has a chrome trim.

    This ashtray is suitable for the following models:

    Astra J
    Corsa D
    Corsa E
    Meriva A
    Meriva B
    Vivaro B
    Zafira Tourer

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    Special Price Excl. Tax: €21.42 Incl. Tax: €25.92

  • opel-coolant-93170402

    Opel coolant 5 liter Dex-Cool

    Dex-Cool LongLife

    Specifications : 5L coolant = Till -38°C

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    Regular Price: €92.25

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €58.06 Incl. Tax: €70.25

  • We deliver everything as soon as possible to your home!

  • safety-kit-13312916

    Opel Safety pack

    Consisting of a hazard triangle, first aid kit and a safety vest.

    According to EU standard.

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    Excl. Tax: €35.27 Incl. Tax: €42.68
  • 998101 Opel schoonmaakset (4-delig)

    Opel cleaning pack 4 items

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    Regular Price: €17.19

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €13.68 Incl. Tax: €16.55

  • opel-scuff-plates-led-iluminated-13473242

    Opel scuff plates set LED-iluminated

    Create an impressive entrance with these easy-to-install LED scuff plates.

    They provide an attractive accent to the door sills of your vehicle while protecting them from scratches.

    Aluminium look with illuminated Opel lettering.

    LED light activation by magnet that need to be fixed to the lower door edge.

    Easy fixation with self-adeshive mounting pads

    Set of two scuff plates for the front doors.

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    Regular Price: €221.32

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €169.52 Incl. Tax: €205.12

  • opel-smokers-kit-93199859

    Opel smokers kit

    This smoking kit contains a lighter for the 12V connection and an ashtray that fits in the cup holder.

    This smoking kit is suitable for the Opel Ampera, Opel Astra J, Opel Insignia A, Opel Meriva B and Opel Zafira Sports Tourer.

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    Regular Price: €48.81

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €37.99 Incl. Tax: €45.97

  • 1629043880 Opel Socket: 230 VOLTS + USB

    Opel Socket: 230 VOLTS + USB

    Socket: 230 VOLTS + USB 

    The transformer is used to generate a voltage of 230 volts from a 12 volt electrical socket (lighter, accessories).

    The 230 volts generated can give you mobile use of a power consumer with a maximum

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    Regular Price: €87.75

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €72.41 Incl. Tax: €87.62

  • Opel bandenhoezen voor velgen 14" tot 18" 95599242

    Opel tyre bag for wheels 14" up to 18"

    Set of 4 durable and adjustable individual tyre bags to help protect your tyres and wheels when removed from your vehicle.

    Ideal for safe storage of winter wheels or summer wheels.

    For tyre sizes from 14" to 18" and 245mm wide and up to 2100mm circumference.

    Heavy duty polyester construction with velcro fastening.

    Each bag includes integral carrying handle and pocket for safe storage of wheel bolts.

    Indicator on each bag to show tyre location on vehicle to help replace in the same position.

    Protects your clothes and cargo area carpet from dirt from removed tyres/wheels.

    Can be used for tyres and tyres & rims.

    Suitable for all common tyre storing devices.

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    Regular Price: €44.27

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €35.16 Incl. Tax: €42.54

  • 1675595980 Opel Universal distribution unit with 13 ways for trailers

    Opel Universal distribution unit with 13 ways for trailers


    AEE2010 EV compatible.

    13-way generic trailer fuse box.

    Fitted as a replacement for the original 13-way trailer generic fuse box.


     For m

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    Regular Price: €127.90

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €100.32 Incl. Tax: €121.39

  • opel-wheel-locking-bolts-13331034

    Opel wheel locking bolts

    Set contains 4 bolts, 4 black caps and one wrench.

    Suitable for the Astra J, Astra K, Ampera, Cascada, Karl, Mokka and Zafira Tourer.

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    Regular Price: €54.57

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €44.87 Incl. Tax: €54.29

14 Item(s)

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