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Stilo Multi Wagon

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  • fiat-stilo-armster-s-armsteun-V00633-5998231006333

    Armrest Fiat Stilo Armster S

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Fiat Stilo models!

    Are you always looking for a suitable place in the car for your wallet, keys, phone, or coins?

    The Armster S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage space as key words.

    Skilled specialists have developed a perfect fit for each armrest model which ensures a good fit in your vehicle according to the current quality and - standards.

    - Available for almost all common vehicles
    - Storage possibility
    - 3 years warranty
    - 15 minutes installation
    - ISO Certificate
    - Usable for driver and front passenger
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG
    - Made in the EU

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    Regular Price: €89.00

    Special Price Excl. Tax: €57.02 Incl. Tax: €68.99

  • fiat-bagagebox-71804387

    Fiat eubag

    Cargo liner easily removable and foldable in two different colors.

    Black with red logo.

    Size 48 x 35,5 cm (14"x 19").

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    Excl. Tax: €20.50 Incl. Tax: €24.81
  • Fiat folding key housing FIA114A

    Fiat folding key housing with removable battery holder on the outside

    You can use your current Fiat folding key and electronics and put it into this key so it will be like new again.

    Often the problems with the remote control are fixed this way.

    Suitable for Fiat Bravo, Fiat Stilo and Fiat Panda.

    Comes with battery CR2032.

    Reprogramming is not necessary! The key housing is delivered without electronics and transponder.

    This key will replace your current folding key.

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    Excl. Tax: €16.49 Incl. Tax: €19.95
  • fiat-onderhoudspakket-71806658

    Fiat kit car care

    The kit is composed by: a sponge, synthetic cleaning towel, wheels cleaning shampoo, odour removal, concentrated car wash shampoo and car polish.

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    Excl. Tax: €48.80 Incl. Tax: €59.05
  • Fiat-reserve-lampenset-71807636

    Fiat spare bulbs kit

    Kit comprising spare bulbs and an emergency LED system for identifying the stopped car.

    With a magnetic system it stays firmly attached to the car.

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    Special Price Excl. Tax: €45.41 Incl. Tax: €54.95

  • 52093190 Fiat ventieldopjes

    Fiat valve caps

    Set of 4 valve caps in chrome.
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    Excl. Tax: €28.84 Incl. Tax: €34.90
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6 Item(s)