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Meriva A

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  • opel-carbon-interior-filter-13271407

    Opel Meriva A carbon cabin air filter

    Suitable for Opel / Vauxhall Meriva A.

    The pollen filter with additional activated carbon cleans polluted air and reduce odors by their catalytic effect.

    Protects occupants from headaches and nausea. This filter is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

    This filter will last much longer than a standard cabin filter.

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    Excl. Tax: €27.69 Incl. Tax: €33.50
  • vauxhall-nameplate-9196299

    Vauxhall Agila A / Corsa C / Meriva A name plate

    Vauxhall nameplate for the tailgate.

    Suitable for all Agila A, Corsa C and Meriva A models.

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    Special Price Excl. Tax: €9.95 Incl. Tax: €12.04

  • Vauxhall scuff plates short

    Vauxhall scuff plates short

    Set bestaat uit twee stuks.

    Wordt geplakt aan de dorpel door de plakstrip onderaan de instaplijst.

    Lengte 40,5 cm
    Breedte 3,5 cm
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    Excl. Tax: €33.57 Incl. Tax: €40.62
3 Item(s)