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Panda 2019 - ..

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  • armrest-fiat-panda-dynamic-armster-s-v00625

    Fiat Panda 2019 - .. Armster S armrest

    This Armster S armrest is suitable for all Fiat Panda models from 2019 and onwards!

    Are you always looking for a suitable place in the car for your wallet, keys, phone, or coins?

    The Armster S armrest is a unique automotive concept with comfort, flexibility and storage space as key words.

    Skilled specialists have developed a perfect fit for each armrest model which ensures a good fit in your vehicle according to the current quality and - standards.

    - Available for almost all common vehicles
    - Storage possibility
    - 3 years warranty
    - 15 minutes installation
    - ISO Certificate
    - Usable for driver and front passenger
    - Increased capacity of 80 KG
    - Made in the EU

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  • 52093190 Fiat ventieldopjes

    Fiat valve caps

    Set of 4 valve caps in chrome.
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2 Item(s)