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You can pay in different ways at Original Car Parts!

Ideal and MrCash/Bancontact

With iDEAL and MrCash / Bancontact you can pay securely, safely and easily online. You pay in the familiar internet banking environment of your own bank. Pay as you are used to. Ideal is for Dutch customers and MrCash / Bancontact is for customers from Belgium.

iDEAL and MrCash / Bancontact offer you a number of advantages over other online payment methods:

  • iDEAL is paying via internet banking, so trusted and secure.
  • Payment with iDEAL is possible immediately, you do not have to register, download files or create an account.
  • You can use iDEAL directly if you are an internet banker with ABN AMRO, bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, de Volksbank (SNS, ASN Bank and Regional Bank), Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers.
  • iDEAL is easy and quick to use, all payment details are filled in for you and you are immediately informed of the successful payment.
  • You keep a constant check and overview on your payment, the iDEAL payment is immediately visible in your account overview.


Do you have a PayPal account? Even then you can easily pay with us! PayPal is very easy to use when you are on the road and want to place an order on our website. Use your PayPal credentials, and avoid having to enter your financial details over and over again. If you activate One TouchTM, you stay logged in and pay even faster. Furthermore, PayPal works without pass readers or complicated verification codes.

Bank transfer

If you want to make a normal transfer via your bank, you can do this too. You then pay via your own bank and transfer the amount to our bank account. The disadvantage is that this takes longer than paying via iDEAL and MrCash / Bancontact and that you also have to wait longer for your items that you have ordered. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay close attention to whether you have entered the correct details for the transfer so that this does not go wrong. That is why we always recommend paying via iDEAL or MrCash / Bancontact.

Visa and Mastercard

Paying with your credit card also belongs to the possibilities. The advantage of paying with your credit card is that the money is not directly debited from your account, but that you later pay to your credit card company. The parts are also often insured by the credit card company. Keep in mind if you pay with your Visa or Mastercard that you may owe the credit card company interest.


New at Original Car Parts is to pay via 3 installments without interest! This is only available for our Dutch customers. You pay the first installment as soon as you place your order and you pay the second installment after 30 days and the third installment you pay after 60 days. Because this is not a loan, you are not mentioned in the register of the BKR. This allows you to make large purchases without it being an attack on your bank account!